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What is Morse Code

Morse code was used (and may still be used) to transmit any information by radio and wire communication. Each letter of the alphabet corresponds to a specific set of dots and dashes. It can be one dot, it can be two, or it can be a dot and a dash.

Morse code was invented in 1838, named after its creator Samuel Morse. The first Morse message was sent between Washington and Baltimore on May 24, 1844, with the text: This is what God does. Initially, the name Morse code was used, but with the outbreak of the First World War, the need to transmit letter codes increased, the code began to be called the alphabet.

How to Translate Morse Code

Morse code is a way of encoding alphabet letters, numbers, punctuation marks and other symbols using long and short signals, so-called dashes and dots (as well as pauses separating letters). The duration of one point is taken as a unit of time. The duration of a dash is three dots. A pause between elements of the same character is one point, between characters in a word - 3 points, between words - 7 points.

Morse code is useful for everyone to know. It will come in handy more than once in business and in the game. After all, you can talk not only with sound signals, but also, for example, with gestures (one raised hand indicates a dot, and two - a dash). To perfectly know the Morse code, you need to train for a long time and systematically, especially if you try to memorize the signs mechanically. Therefore, many radiotelegraphists are trying to improve the methods of studying Morse code.

Samuel Morse did not have any special technical education. He was quite a successful artist, founder and president of the National Academy of Drawing in New York.

Morse came up with the idea of transmitting certain signals over wires. The artist immediately sketched a diagram of the prototype of the telegraph. The device consisted of a spring-loaded lever, to the end of which a pencil was attached. When the current was applied, the pencil went down and left a line on the moving paper tape, and when the current was turned off, the pencil rose, and a gap appeared in the line.

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